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About text value of HTML area issue

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About text value of HTML area issue

Сообщение shareeyes/163_com » Чт июл 20, 2017 7:29 am

For the value of the HTML Area component, we have two ways inputs the value.
The first, we can directly input the text we want to discribe.
The second, we can refer to string resources, such as “$R{qsWelcome}”.
According to the experience of developing software in the past, the second way is better.

For the Demo on the AggreGate Client, where are thest reference strings stored?
For AggreGate secondary development, whether the second way to input the value of HTML Area, Could you tell me how to achieve this operation? :)
please kindly check. such as “$R{qsWelcome}”.
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Re: About text value of HTML area issue

Сообщение sergey_eritsyan/tibbo_com » Вт сен 05, 2017 1:13 pm


You can change text manually in "Text field".
The second way is useless in your case, because "$R" is used in system code to translate this text for current location.
So if you want to input text into HTML Area, just change field "Text" in settings.
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