Alert events, doesn't persist

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Alert events, doesn't persist

Postby jmserrano/domca_com » Thu Sep 03, 2015 12:39 pm

I have defined several alerts (all are triggered with variable changes, with and without acknowledgement), but it seems they doesn't create the related events nor they are persistent.
When i want to acknowledge one of this active alert, Attached is the error message returned by the system.

Also, there's warning on the server log:

Code: Select all
03.09.2015 14:53:51,630 WARN can't load class com.tibbo.linkserver.plugin.context.netmanagement.res.Lres_en_US, plug-in {PluginDescriptor: uid=com.tibbo.linkserver.plugin.device.wmi@0.0.1} is not activated yet     -     [Action / Launch Widget] (
03.09.2015 14:53:51,681 WARN can't load class com.tibbo.linkserver.plugin.context.netmanagement.res.Lres, plug-in {PluginDescriptor: uid=com.tibbo.linkserver.plugin.context.syslog@0.0.1} is not activated yet     -     [Action / Launch Widget] (
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Re: Alert events, doesn't persist

Postby anton_logoyskiy/tibbo_com » Tue Sep 08, 2015 8:29 am

Hi Juan,

Please try to set Number of events in RAM = 0
And move your rule on the top of list.
Also you can create filter for this specific event and check is it available in historical part of eventlog. ... vent%2Blog
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