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Scripts execution prohibited at widget plugin

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Scripts execution prohibited at widget plugin

Postby piergiorgio_grasseni/smigroup_net » Wed May 15, 2019 12:46 pm

Hi, I tested 5.61.08 and 5.61.09 and in server log there is following warning, and my widgtes aren't correctly showed in web widget player:

15.05.2019 14:34:38,333 WARN ag.web Scripts execution prohibited at widget plugin settings (See this setting in Drivers/Plugins -> Widgets -> Widget Plugin Settings) - [WidgetBindingExecutor/VNC SWMHMIMainV2/pool-399-thread-1] com.tibbo.aggregate.common.widget.runtime.WebWidgetEngine.executeScript (WebWidgetEngine.java:56)

In server the setting Drivers/Plugins -> Widgets -> Widget Plugin Settings -> Prohibit server-side script execution is set to false, so this warning and showing problems for my widgets are inexplicable.

Could you check in server code?

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